National Sponsorship



 Corporations need new and creative ideas to project their company image  and must choose non - traditional formats, because this is what the  market dictates.
Increase your bottom line, expose your company to a larger customer base with a  rolling billboard by the event or 365 days a year ( Your Companies Name) for millions to see. Let's work together and build your dream.


 Racing Relics USA offers you a ONCE IN A LIFE TIME a fresh and dynamic  marketing and public relations opportunity for local, national and  international exposure. Not only will you be identified with the cycling  / bicycling enthusiast, but with the numerous events scheduled for  2018, your exposure will be viewed by a vast audience.
An appealing  feature of cycling is that it bypasses the hit-or-miss nature of  traditional advertising and meets the consumer on his home ground.  Sports fans who watch and read about the cycling events will have a  partiality to the product or service of the company that sponsors their  sport. But with this global market today, any company can be looked up  from anywhere today and become associated with cycling. As a major  contributor throughout the world, a sponsor can be recognized by there  Name or Logo.
Among other opportunities, Racing Relics USA believes  that by working with marketing and advertising agencies many promotional  strategies could be implemented. Such promotional items such as: T.V.  Appearances, magazine interviews and brochures featuring the sponsors  logo on advertising merchandise are all possibilities that you may want  to consider for introduction of new products.
Much has been made of  corporate sponsorship of cycling activities. Examples include: Coor's  Brewery with its Coor's Classic, Southland Corporation with its 7-Eleven  Teams, United States Postal Service, Ore Ida ( potatoes) Amgen ( Tour  of Amgen) California, Trek Bicycles, Garmin, Shimano and Subaru etc.

As  a sponsor of this Exhibit, your company can gain access to this market  through a variety of sponsorship opportunities. The level of sponsorship  will determine the degree of exposure and promotional consideration.  May it be full corporate sponsorship or listing of title sponsors for  the traveling exhibit. We are seeking sponsors for a unique venture of  advertising for your cycling customers. We would like to expose your  company at Major Cycling Events, such as at Tours, Gran Fondo's,  Centuries, Special Events, etc. throughout the USA.

This is a  ONCE IN A LIFE TIME exhibit, a collection of rare, sometimes one of a  kind team bikes and a few replica's. From Greg LeMond, 7 - Eleven teams,  Coors Light, Rebecca Twigg, USPS, Motorola, USA Teams, Team Glendale,  Discovery, Radio Shack, Connie Carpenter, Davis Phinney, Alex Stedia,  Kent Bostick and more to name a few. Jersey's from all the teams listed  and signed by riders. Displayed for the cycling fan that enjoys the  history of USA's heroes of cycling and more.

The media will also  receive press kits which will contain a press release concerning a  product brochure from your company, help in exposing your product, may  it be a give a ways or something else for the consumer, would be  provided by sponsor to RACING RELICS USA / Cycling Exhibit
BONUS:   Hometown “ Guest Speakers “ ( Cycling Team Legends )

( A Slice of American Cycling History )


 As a sponsor of Racing Relics USA your company can gain access to this  market through a variety of sponsorship opportunities. The level of  sponsorship will determine the degree of exposure and promotional  consideration. Racing Relics USA will compile the best displays possible  from the budgets available. To understand the cost of the packages  there are some things which need explanation.
There are several types  of sponsorship currently available, both in cash and exchange. There is  little need to explain the word “cash“, but a few brief words  concerning the exchange of goods are necessary. In addition to cash,  such items as vehicles or truck and trailer, airline tickets, hotel  rooms, food and gasoline are a few of the items your company might  supply instead of a cash sponsorship. This reduces the cost for many  companies, yet fulfills the exhibits needs. Racing Relics USA would  entertain any suggestions your company might have regarding exchange  sponsorships. 

 Here is a list of Sponsorships we have to view:

1.TITLE SPONSORSHIP / This is the (Big One)...the
the one that guarantees the Maximum exposure on
the vehicles and display.
2.Primary Sponsorship / This is of lesser exposure,
but a great way to hear and see your companies name in
conjunction with the Title Sponsor and Exhibit.
3.Secondary Sponsorship / This is a perfect way for
companies with a limited budget to gain national
exposure in conjunction with the Title Sponsor and
Racing Relics USA Cycling Exhibit.