Press Release 2018


 Pro racing in Colorado and Virginia for the year of 2018, having a form  of four- day stage racing and a total budget mid seven figure.  Eight  private investors to fund the entire project says the company, called  RPM Events Group LLC.  These impressive ownership groups includes  Colorado’s Gart family, owning an international cable TV and broadcast  company Liberty Global, Denver businessman David Koff and Ben Walton, a  grandchild of Walmart founder Sam Walton.

     Ken Gart, the  chairman of the RPM Events Group LLC, said the company’s goal is to  build an “innovation new model” that will help the events survive  cycling’s rocky mountain persona. 

     The group’s model  revolves around a hub-and-spoke format, wherein one city in each state  hosts the start/finish line for the majority of the stage. In theory,  that cuts down on soaring costs for road closures and transporting  equipment and personnel. The group declined to divulge which cities in  Colorado and Virginia will be the hubs for the respective stage races.

      Tim Miller, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, said the projects  overall budget will cost between that of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge,  which cost approximately $10 million each year to organize, and the Tour  of Utah, which race chairman Steve Miller recently pegged in the $3.5  million range.  The investor group is being led by Colorado’s Gart  family, which owned a chain of sporting goods stores throughout Utah and  Colorado.

     “ We are trying to create races that have a broader entertainment experience. “  Koff said.

      Because of the Tour of Utah and USA Pro Cycling Challenge, sponsors,  fans, teams and riders focused on the two events in August, with the  Colorado race earning greater attention due to its bigger crowd sizes  and larger media footprint. According to race management, the races has  seen an uptick in its sponsor lineup, VIP attendance, and even its  domestic and international TV demand for coverage.

     According  to Jenn Andrs, Executive Director for the race, new partners Clif Bar  and Mavic with more of a sponsor lineup to come.  Foreign television  also grew throughout the world and with Fox’s domestic adding coverage  to 28 total hours of race coverage doubling there television time.  More  VIP race packaging, which is an uptick in sales and more sponsor’s  participation with clients.  In Utah they had businesses coming to them  in hoping to do business as partners, only to find out that most of the  exclusive categories were already full.  This year alone the race has 12  marquee sponsors in its lineup, as well as 42 smaller partners.

      The race’s ownership, the Larry H. Miller, pays for the event’s costs  that are not covered by sponsorship.  Using Larry H. Miller as the title  sponsor of the Tour of Utah in using all of his 17 businesses to  support the State of Utah.