History Of Racing Relics USA

 Hello Cyclist and Sports fan,  been collecting bicycles and jerseys for  over 40 years and now its time to share it with everyone who enjoys the  passion of cycling.  Having a Pro shop for over 31 years, I meet a lot  of the riders and team members from the past and sponsoring them such  as:  Team Glendale, Team Shaklee, United States National Team, Mexico  National Team and riders, too many to mention.  United States Cycling  Federation Mechanic and Coach,  pro shop and race mechanic and coach for  over 30 years.  I'm asking you to help in making this a 
Mobile  Cycling Exhibit that will travel around the United States in 2018.  To  show the history of the Teams and Riders from America and some close  friends in our neighboring countries.  Today I ask you to take a look at  some of the bikes out of the collection that are on the page and see if  its what you would want to see.  If so with your help of a donation, we  can get this started in the next few months for the cycling season of  2018.  

What We Need & What You Get

Needing  a truck and large trailer new or used,  depending on the amount raised,  then I will need all expenses that go along with traveling,  rooms for  three employees, food for three employees,  gas for travel (mileage),  repairs, fees for events, salaries,  and we are looking for all types of  sponsorship.

This  is a collection that has never been seen  before being offered as a Mobile Cycling Exhibit,  so you will be able  to view it when it comes to your area,  not placing it in one city that  you have to travel the country to visit. Cycling memories from 1980 to  2015 ,  pictures, jerseys, bikes, team stuff, and displays and  descriptions  about them.  Working on Guest Speakers, riders and people  that made the Cycling in the USA what it is today.

If the funds  are not reached at the amount needed, I will still display at a local  level in the areas depending on the budget.  It will be seen somewhere  in the USA,  hopefully at the Worlds in 2018.

The Impact

This  gives young and old alike a way to learn and see history of what we all  have been excited about for are years in cycling. Seeing is believing,  that's why this is so important to the cycling community,  showing the  bike that you had to shift, the tires (sew-ups), steel frames to the  carbon of today, helmets from the leather to aero of today, the list  goes on.  This is what we will be able to do in sharing the Mobile  Cycling Exhibit throughout the USA.

Having a Pro Shop and Teams  through the years, I know what it takes to make things work, Getting it  to the public and helping the sponsors get there due. I've started many  businesses and have had over one thousand employees that worked for me  in my business at a time. Consulted on many businesses as to structure  the bottom lines and create a new look.  This has been a passion of mine  for most of my life, know I want to bring it to you, help me get it  out.

Risks & Challenges

Having the items to  be displayed in the Mobile Cycling Exhibit,  means no cost to purchase  the items, that is money that is already spent. It's the traveling,  display cost and overhead to run this exhibit, this is where the money  is needed.  Putting it together will take some time, but with the three  employees I've chosen with bicycle knowledge, it will make it easier. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Please,  help me in any way you can, Facebook Racing Relics USA and Racing  Relics,talking at the local  bike shops, tell all your friends and even the one that like cycling.   Show up at the events and see how great this Mobile Cycling Exhibit is,  you will enjoy the display and be amazed at the history.