About Us

Never before has a  bicycle collection like this been offered for the viewing as a United  States Cycling history for a Mobile Cycling Exhibit at that.  A company  of your stature would be a fantastic part of this venture in a National  Sponsorship, a new way to connect with the fast increasing public  interest in cycling.  Your key product or products supporting the world  celebrity of cycling and the famed cyclists and sponsors that have  evolved, reaching out to the increasing mass market that now accepts  cycling as a true sport, especially on television as well for sports  fans throughout the United States. Advertising and Marketing for your  company at a National level without the high costs from coast to coast  in exposure of your exciting product or products. Many of the sponsor's  from back in the 1980's still receive recognition by name in the sport  as pioneer advertisers just as cycling teams today reap the instant fame  with there new products.

We present a History of USA Racing  Bicycles, Teams items and Jerseys in the hundreds from the 1980 to 2010,  all displayed in a Mobile Cycling Exhibit being shown at major cycling  events and sports venues throughout the United States.

If your  company would like more information, Please go to: Racing Relics on  Facebook or E-Mail us at at RacingRelicsUSA@Gmail.com /  Colco@Earthlink.Net , Thank you for taking the time to review and  consider this, Bill Collier